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19-Jul-2017 12:45

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The other side where the BLUE Wire connects then goes to DVI Pin #16 CAN NOT BE USED.This is the same effect as Choice 1, but instead of a three way split, there is now a split and then 1 side is split again.I will focus only on the video connector and converting this LCD to be DVI compatible.Please note that I am not starting from a complete machine.(mac OS not listed however, other OS's are as well as Nvidia Shield TV.) About the security content of mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2, Security Update 2017-002 Sierra, and Security Update 2017-005 El Capitan (doc rev Jan 11th.Updated entries in Jan 2018 on IOKIT (CVE-2017-7162), Kernel (CVE-2017-5754), Mail Drafts (CVE-2017-3735).

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Be cautious when handling live connections which (in the case of the inverter to backlight) can be several thousand volts. PARTS LIST These are the parts that I used or very common alternatives - MANY other variations are unquestionably possible, but I can not guarantee something I did not see work personally.In effect we are taking the VEDID power source from the DVI and splitting it again (3 splits - 1 for the hot plug, 1 for the hot pink/red wire to turn on the LCD, and now 1 for the red inverter wire to turn on the backlights).But, with the extra cable we actually split it, then split one side again.On the split from the spliced VEDID (GREEN) to the i Mac Gray Cable's Red/Hot Pink Wire and the "Optional" Black Wire.

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If you did not use the optional wire, the resistor itself will be connected here. By using the optional Black Wire you get an additional "splice point".For those who have not followed my blog, please be aware that there are two versions of the wires in the 17" Mac G4 (Two different necks).